Viberate a is fast-growing cryptocurrency that will transform the music industry!

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Once you open a Viberate account, you can start adding your local or mainstream artists, venues and events. There are a few more ways to earn VIBs - you can read all about that below. Every day you will receive a participation summary email where you'll see how much you’ve earned. Once you earn VIBs, you can hold them as your investment or exchange them on Binance (best cryptocurrency exchange in my opinion) to Bitcoin or USD

With Viberate you can find different events, gigs, parties around you. There are already 130,000 artists, 53,000 venues and 210,000 events in the database.


1.Adding new profiles into the database
2. Curating and updating information in existing profiles
3. Adding events into the database
4. Referring friends
5. Promoting Viberate on social media and blogs
6. Writing articles

Viberate wallet

This is Viberate wallet in rewarding system interface:

Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace where we're matching musicians with event organizers. We're listing profiles of over 120 thousand musicians, from superstars to garage bands.

Eventually, the Viberate token (VIB) will become the go-to digital currency for booking live performances by musicians around the world.



The VIB was sold out in under 5 minutes (4 min 42 sec) in our public crowdsale. Now you can get VIB tokens on different exchanges.

Initial value: 1 VIB = $0.1 USD

Raised: $10 714 285 USD

Blockchain: ETH | Decimals: 18


Official platform website

Official token website